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The Nipigon Legion offers a large Venue Rental with modern amenities and technology for your event, meeting or gathering.

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The Main Hall

The Main Hall is a large open event space. It is available for rent at a rate of $70/hour to a maximum of $350/day (5 hours +). Special Legion event nights as well as certain special dates will not be available.


  • Maximum occupancy: 266
  • Elevated stage
  • Washrooms
  • High-speed Wifi throughout
  • Tables/chairs included
  • Attached Bar
  • Attached, newly renovated Kitchen
  • Audio Visual Equipment Available

Snack Station, an honour based snack setup for your event is available for some events at no charge.

Club Room

The Club Room is a smaller more intimate venue. It is available for $40/hour to a maximum of $200 (5 hours +). Club Room will not be available to rent Thursday/Friday/Saturday evening as those are club room opening hours.


  • Maximum occupancy: 125
  • Elevated stage
  • Washrooms
  • High-speed Wifi throughout
  • Tables/chairs included
  • Attached Bar
  • Audio Visual Equipment Available

Commercial Kitchen

The commercial kitchen has recently been renovated and features gas ovens, a stove and a large gas grill. Stainless steel prep table and multiple sinks. A large two-door commercial refrigerator is also located in the kitchen. A canteen-style window opens into the main hall.

The kitchen can be rented on its own or with rental of one of our halls at a rate of $25/hour to a maximum of $150/day.

We have a wide selection of cutlery, dishes as well as coffee urns, bowls and other essentials.

The Snack Station can be open for certain events to offer quick easy snacks for those meetings, training sessions and events where snacks may be needed.

Virtual training and teleconferencing on the big screen. Take your meeting or event to the next level. 

HD Webcam, Microphone, Laptop and Projector. For larger events, the audio can be set up to 600W PA System.

Audio Visual Equipment

Audio Visual Equipment is now available for rent within our venues. 

Portable 600W PA System with Bluetooth capabilities. ($25/hour or $100/day)
Comes with a wireless or wired microphone. Price includes setup and simple tutorial.

Full 1080p HD Projector with WIFI/Bluetooth presentation capabilities. ($35/hr or $150/day)
Projects onto Wall or 120″ Portable stand screen. Can be paired with the above sound system.
Includes setup and simple tutorial. We also have laptops to run the above projector is needed at $25/day.

Stand-alone Presentation projector (must be hooked to laptop). ($50/day)
SImple high-quality projector for projecting presentations and information onto walls or screens. This projector is allowed to leave the building.

Live Cam HD Streaming/Teleconference webcam with high-quality Microphone. ($25/day)
The camera and microphone when paired with the Projector/screen and even the PA system offers a unique opportunity for teleconferencing or web/video streaming.

An Audio-Visual technician is available for running and all the equipment at a rate of $25/hour.


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​Phone: 887-2720
Hall Rentals: 1-807-372-0055

Nipigon Legion Branch 32

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