March 10, 2016 all-day
Nipigon Family Place and Public Library

“The Great Big Crunch is a special day of good food education,
With a massive, synchronized bite into a crunchy apple, in celebration!
Crunch time is March the 10th, at 2:30 p.m., to be official,
But anytime will do, and when you bite, don’t be superficial!
Take a great big bite out of any apple you choose,
There are so many varieties…try some of different hues!
Register ahead of time at foodshare.net,
And let’s make this the biggest crunch the world has heard of yet! “ KM/2016

The purpose of the Great Big Crunch is to:
1. Promote, celebrate and enjoy healthy snacking
2. Highlight availability of local produce all year round
3. Use fruits and vegetables as the centerpiece for activities on cooking and tasting, nutrition, soil and composting, sustainability, community development and more
4. Celebrate Nutrition Month!

So…On your mark. Get set. CRUNCH!
1. Go to www.foodshare.net to register and to find ideas for activities and apple-themed books.
2. Run the Great Big Crunch at your program any time on Thursday, March 10!
3. Have fun!

P.S. You do not have to crunch apples…you can crunch down on carrots or other fruits or vegetables!

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